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Healthy Food

About Nutritional Therapy

As a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, I help people improve their holistic mental, emotional, and physical health using nutrient-dense whole foods and health-promoting lifestyle interventions.

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Why Nourishing Food is Important

Nourishing food is vitally important not just for optimal physical wellness, but also for mental and emotional wellness. This is because nutrition provides the fundamental building blocks of micro and macronutrients that our bodies need in order to function optimally on every level, even down to the chemical and cellular level, according to the NTA.


Thus, abundant health depends on high-quality nourishment. Nourishing food helps make our bodies and minds more resilient to the challenges we will inevitably face in life, and nutrition has been linked to a good quality of life

and the prevention of disease.

I am a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. NTPs help people to support holistic health using nourishing food and lifestyle interventions. NTPs support individual bodily health and collective communal health by providing education and individualized guidance on nutrient-rich, properly prepared, and whole-food diets. NTPs gain their knowledge from the vast body of wisdom that comes from ancestral diets, modern scientific research, and experiential practice.


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From a Nutritional Perspective, I Can Help By...

  • Listening to your personal concerns, goals, life circumstances, and aspirations. 

  • Working alongside you to create an action plan customized specifically for you that you feel confident sticking to. 

  • Providing nutrition and lifestyle recommendations tailor-made specifically for your bio-individual needs so you can reach your personal goals, instead of providing one-size-fits-all recommendations.

  • Empowering you to understand your own body, take ownership of your health, and take excellent care of your body for years to come.

Why This Matters

You may wonder, “What does nutrition have to do with mental health?” Every single cell in our body is built from the food we eat. Nutrition deeply impacts our health, not just on a physical level, but on a mental and emotional level as well. Research shows that poor-quality diets are linked to impaired brain function whereas positive nutrition interventions have the potential to be psycho-protective. 

The fast pace of modern life has substantially changed our relationship with food over the past few centuries. Many of us have forgotten how to listen to our bodies, understand their signals, and nourish them properly. Many people don't feel well and want to reach greater wellness, but are lost and confused about how to do it.


Restoring a personal relationship with food, cooking, the earth, local farmers, and the wider community can yield tremendous benefits. These benefits counterbalance the stress, isolation, and lack of meaning that contribute to mental dis-ease and that plague not only my clients but many others as well.


While nutritional therapy itself is not meant to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease, it can provide a powerful adjunct to the mental health therapy care you seek with me because nutrition empowers you to become more healthy and resilient on a physical, mental, and emotional level. 

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Emma Donovan, MA, LPC, LCPC, is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. She is also a Certified Integrative Mental Health Provider and holds a certificate in Nutritional Psychiatry. She particularly focuses on the link between mental health and nutrition.


She has completed coursework in nutrient-dense whole foods, culinary wellness, food and mood evaluation, digestion, blood sugar balance, fatty acids, mineral balance, hydration, sleep, stress, and movement, endocrine health, detoxification, specific nutritional protocols for mental health issues, and much more. She takes a compassionate and encouraging approach.

You do not need to be interested in nutrition to work with Emma. However, Emma has noticed that her clients who prioritize healthy eating and lifestyle habits have the best outcomes, whether they learn about nutrition from her or not. She firmly believes that nutrition is an integral part of holistic health.


If you are particularly interested in nutrition or have questions, please discuss them in your consultation.

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