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For Therapists

I love helping other therapists on a clinical, personal, and professional level. Explore my offerings for therapists below. 

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Clinical Therapy

We all know it - therapists need therapy, too. I particularly love helping other therapists along their therapeutic journeys and have done so many times.
Being a therapist is a unique experience as you navigate both the challenges in your own life and the professional challenges that come up within the field.
I have experience helping therapists in both short and long-term containers. Some therapists come to me with specific goals and terminate as soon as their goals have been met. Others meet with me long-term for ongoing therapeutic support for what "comes up" in the course of life and work.
The rate per session is $225. Use the “book now” link to fill out the consultation form and feel free to mention that you are a therapist.

Holistic Personal Growth Sessions

In addition to my work as a therapist, I also operate as a holistic healer and coach for people with non-clinical goals such as personal growth, spiritual exploration, ethical development, finding life purpose, enhancing creativity, and tapping into inner guidance.


These sessions differ from clinical therapy in that they are not meant as clinical services to manage or resolve diagnosable mental health issues, but rather as sessions to help you grow from a place of "okay" or "good" to "great" and reach your highest potential.


I use many of the methods I use in therapy, such as Depth Hypnosis, Holistic Nutrition, Buddhist Psychology, and Shamanism in this container. Therapists who choose this relationship can choose to meet short-term for specific goals, or long-term for ongoing assistance on their personal and professional paths.


The rate per session is $225, with the opportunity to purchase a package of sessions at a discount. Use the “book now” link to fill out the consult request form. Please mention that you are interested in holistic personal growth sessions.


Professional Consulting and Mentorship

Many therapists and budding therapists reach out to me for guidance on their professional paths because they resonate with me and my practice, and they want help finding their own way.


I have created this offering to pass on my hard-earned knowledge about business, practice building, website creation, branding, the pursuit of continuing education, becoming a holistic therapist, what it’s like to use the modalities I use, and other topics to budding therapists who need guidance in an accessible way.


Rates are as follows:

  • $150 for a 30-minute session

  • $300 for a 60-minute session

  • Voxer (voice messaging) and email access is also a possibility to accommodate busy schedules and shorter questions. A minimum investment of $300 is required to have me on retainer for Voxer and email questions.

Use the “contact” form at the bottom of my website to express interest. Please include the questions you have in the form so I can make sure they are questions I can help you with.

Space Rental

I am happy to help "incubate" your private practice by offering part-time space rental. I use my office during weekdays between 9 am and 1 or 3 pm. My office is available during afternoons, evenings, and weekends.

What makes my space different? It is quiet, warm, welcoming, and truly private - you'd have the entire thing (waiting room, bathroom, and therapy space) to yourself while you are here. Complimentary filtered water and tea are available for you and your clients. The space is also easily accessible from many parts of the city and county. 

I am happy to accommodate therapists and healers of other disciplines in the space. Use the "contact" form below to inquire about the space, availability, and rates.


Supervision and Clinical Consultation

I receive many inquiries about whether I offer supervision for clinical licensure and clinical consultation. These are not services I offer at this time. If you are interested in hearing about future offerings, please feel free to join my email list to receive updates from my practice. 

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