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About Therapy Intensives

Available in Saint Louis, MO and online in MO and IL

Experience rapid transformation in days instead of weeks, months, or years. There's a reason why intensives are at the cutting-edge of the psychology field. 

What Are Intensives?

Intensives offer accelerated and deeply transformational therapy in a short amount of time. They are focused and targeted on specific problems, goals, and outcomes. Instead of coming to therapy week after week for months or years to continue working on the same things, you can get much more done in a short amount of time.


In an intensive, you will designate a 3-hour (or more) block of time just for therapy so that you can go deeper and reap optimal benefits. 

Intensives with Emma

I offer a unique intensive experience. As a holistic, alternative, and transpersonal therapist, I offer a blend of Shamanic Counseling, Depth Hypnosis, Integrated Energy Medicine, Meditation, and Suggestion Hypnosis.


You can expect to work on shamanic, spiritual, energetic, and subconscious levels to spark change from the root. You will have the opportunity to end your intensive with energy work and/or a suggestion hypnosis recording made on the spot just for you to reinforce all of the changes you’ve made during the session.

What's Special About Intensives

Intensives offer a dedicated, uninterrupted space just for you where you will be able to focus on the things you really want to change in your life. Instead of the often frustrating stop-and-start nature of regular therapy, where you often have to end the session right as you are “getting somewhere” only to lose the thread by the time the next session rolls around, you will be able to address several inter-related issues in the same day. 


While regularly scheduled therapy sessions are great for people who want support with “things that come up” in the course of life, who prefer talk therapy, or whose nervous systems prefer small bits at a time, the reality is that most people seeking out therapy have specific goals and objectives that they want to address. Who wouldn’t want to address these things in one day rather than over several months?


Intensives save you both time and money. While they are a larger up-front investment, you get way more transformation per hour in an intensive than you would in regular therapy sessions because we don’t have to eat up your precious time with small talk, checking in on how you're feeling this week, deciding what to focus on, and then wrapping up to send you out the door. With intensives, we can cut to the chase and do lots of deep work in a day. 

Imagine trying to wash a sink full of dishes. The dishes are bothering you, and you want to get them done so you can move on and enjoy your day. But imagine if you could only wash one dish at a time. Every time you go to wash a dish, you have to remember to do it, walk over to the sink, get out the soap and sponge, make sure the water is the right temperature, wash it, wash the soap off of your hands, turn off the sink, dry the dish, and dry your hands. Only a while later to repeat the process. How much cumulative time do you think this would take? Intensives are like doing all of the dishes at once. Quick, efficient, and effective. Regular therapy often only allows for washing one dish at a time. If you want to save time, energy, and money, intensives are a perfect fit.

Who Intensives Are Good For

  • People who have specific goals and know exactly what they want from sessions

  • People who want to address long-standing and deeply-held patterns that take multiple sessions to unwind

  • Anyone who wants to make their therapy experience a sacred one, where they carve out a specific day just for the experience

  • People who struggle to focus, and who spend the majority of their sessions “settling in” and deciding what they want to focus on, only for the session to be over

  • Anyone who has been frustrated by the unnatural start-and-stop nature of weekly therapy

  • Those who live out of town and want the experience of coming in-person

  • Busy parents, entrepreneurs, full-time workers, teachers, or anyone who struggles to set regular time aside during the week for hour-long sessions

  • Medical professionals, or anyone else whose constantly changing schedules or variable work hours make it difficult to commit to regular session times

  • Those who only have availability on the weekends or in the evenings

Who Regular Therapy Sessions Would Be Better For

  • Those who would prefer to have support week-to-week

  • People who don't have specific goals, who would rather use therapy sessions for "whatever comes up" in their lives

  • People who feel like regular therapy sessions are "more than enough" for their brains and nervous systems, and who would feel dysregulated by an extended timeframe

  • Anyone who cannot carve out an extended period of time for an intensive

  • People who prefer to have a week or more to integrate what happened in the therapy session in between pieces of work

  • Anyone who prefers the accountability and consistency of regularly scheduled sessions over time

***If you feel you are a fit for both intensives and regular therapy sessions, we can also do a hybrid format that includes both!


What's Included

  • 2 pre-intensive preparation sessions

  • Your choice of 1, 2, or 3 intensive sessions

  • 1 post-intensive integration session

  • Whole food nourishing snacks

  • Tea and filtered water

  • A workbook customized for you and your goals

  • My professional review of your workbook and assessments

  • Pre-and-post-session assessments to gauge progress

  • A choice of an integrated energy medicine healing or suggestion hypnosis recording created based on the transformation you experience that you get to keep

Choose Your Container

Standalone Intensives

Intensives as a standalone therapy experience that you can do instead of regular therapy, or while still keeping your preexisting primary therapist

Within Regular Therapy

Intensives as part of a wider therapeutic relationship, where we meet regularly, do an intensive, and then go back to regular sessions

Outside of Therapy

Work on personal, spiritual, and/or professional growth in a format that is not designed for diagnosing or treating mental health issues 

Choose Your Length

Chose between 1, 2, or 3-day intensives, spread out with as much or as little time in between as you wish. 

1 Day


  • 2 prep sessions

  • 1 3-hour intensive

  • 1 integration session

  • 6 hours together, 8 total hours

  • $1,800

2 Days


  • 2 prep sessions

  • 2 3-hour intensives

  • 1 integration session

  • 9 hours together, 11 total hours

  • $2,700

3 Days


  • 2 prep sessions

  • 3 3-hour intensives

  • 1 integration session

  • 12 hours together, 14 total hours

  • $3,600

After working with Emma, I feel I don’t ‘have to’ anymore, but can live, love and work from my place of flow. I know my inner world and its parts way better and I’m able to heal myself, check-in with myself, give myself what I need, and the best part: I can be there for others in a way that is more loving and healthier for myself.”

-Past Client Testimonial

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