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About Shamanic Counseling

Applied Shamanic Counseling helps you tap into the wisdom of the earth and your own inner guidance so you can heal on a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual level.

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What is Applied Shamanic Counseling?

Applied Shamanic Counseling is a shamanic healing model developed by Isa Gucchiardi, Ph.D. According to the Applied Shamanism website, 


"Applied Shamanism™ is a term adapted to reflect the practical application of certain core shamanic practices in a modern therapeutic context to assist with healing the self, the earth, and all its beings.

 It sees the recurring practices found in most cultures to be the inheritance of all beings and necessary to maintaining the well-being of the planet and all her inhabitants."


At its core, shamanism is “earth-based wisdom.” Traditionally, a shaman is a medicine person who facilitates healing in individuals and communities through the shaman’s personal relationship with the earth and with underlying unseen spiritual or energetic forces.


Applied Shamanism sees fragmentation and disconnection as the core of modern dis-ease. We are cut off - cut off from our bodies, our communities, our society, our food, our earth, our souls, our spirits, our purpose, and even the core of who we are. This disconnection has left many of us feeling lonely, adrift, wounded, and mentally and physically ill. Through Shamanic Counseling, we can reunite the seemingly disparate and lost parts of ourselves to become whole once again.


Benefits of Applied Shamanic Counseling

Shamanic Counseling Can Help You...

  • Access inner guidance and wisdom

  • Increase spiritual and mystical connection (in accordance with your own worldview)

  • Regain lost power

  • Find and reclaim lost parts of yourself

  • Identify and rid yourself of what is not serving you

  • Experience wholeness

  • Feel more connected to the earth, the universe, and other people around you

Potential Components of Shamanic Counseling Sessions:

  • Shamanic journeying (learn more here)

  • Power retrieval

  • Soul retrieval

  • Dreamwork

  • And more!

Frequently Asked Questions About Shamanic Counseling

Do I need to have any special powers or abilities in order to learn to journey?

Nope! I have taught many people from many walks of life how to journey. You need only have an open mind and a willingness to believe that you have the power to access answers within yourself.


Do I need to ascribe to a specific religion to benefit from Shamanic Counseling?

No. People from many backgrounds can benefit from Shamanic Counseling. The only things you need to believe are that you have access to inner guidance, and that you have the power to heal on an energetic level.


Do you do shamanic healing on me or do I do it myself?

In pure Applied Shamanism, the Shamanic Counselor does healings on behalf of the client, but engages the client in integrating the experience. The Counselor also teaches the client how to journey, which the client can then do on their own.


Is it possible for me to do healings on myself?

Absolutely. This is why I offer Depth Hypnosis. Depth Hypnosis was also developed by Isa Gucchiardi, Ph.D. It combines principles of shamanism, Buddhism, energy medicine, hypnosis, and transpersonal psychology. It is inherently empowering because the practitioner holds the position of a facilitator for the client’s own healing, instead of the practitioner being the healer herself. In my practice, I tend to primarily use Depth Hypnosis and only do shamanic healings if my clients do not feel ready to do healings on themselves.


Can Shamanic Counseling help me understand my dreams?

Yes. Dreams can contain important messages for us that are highly relevant to our lives and therapeutic work. Shamanic Counseling can help you understand your dreams in the context of your personal and spiritual path, for guidance, and as a guidepost for deeper healing work.



Emma Donovan, MA, LPC, LCPC, is certified as an Applied Shamanic Counselor through the Foundation of the Sacred Stream. She has completed many courses over several years which include dreamwork, shamanic journeying, power retrieval, soul retrieval, energy medicine, plant medicine, and advanced shamanic concepts.

Shamanic Counseling is one of the core pillars behind Depth Hypnosis. Emma currently uses Depth Hypnosis as her main method. Shamanic Counseling principles inform Depth Hypnosis sessions. She also offers Shamanic Counseling outside of the Depth Hypnosis context. 

If you are particularly interested in Applied Shamanism or have questions about it, please bring it up in your consultation.

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