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About The Enneagram

The Enneagram is a personality typing system that provides a framework for personal growth by helping you understand your patterns of behavior and overall personality.

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Theory of The Enneagram

The enneagram is a personality typing system that highlights 9 different personality types which all have their own basic fears, motivations, desires, strengths, and struggles. 


It is a special way of looking at the self, because it is "vertical" as well as "horizontal." This means that it not only explains your dominant type, but it also shows how your type changes as you heal and grow as a person. 

I often use the enneagram as a way to better understand my clients and help them understand themselves. It gives us a framework to highlight and celebrate your strengths while shining light on your deepest wounds so you can heal them. 


Learn About the 9 Types

1: THE REFORMER: This type is principled, idealistic, and disciplined, and can struggle with perfectionism
2. THE HELPER: This type is nurturing, caring, generous, and interpersonally-oriented, and can struggle with people-pleasing and lack of self-care
3. THE ACHIEVER: This type is efficient, achievement-oriented, driven, and ambitious, and can struggle with overwork and feeling inauthentic
4. THE INDIVIDUALIST: This type is sensitive, emotional, and often creative, and can struggle with being temperamental and withdrawn
5. THE INVESTIGATOR: This type is cerebral, perceptive, innovative, and often intelligent, and can struggle with being secretive, solitary, and lonely
6. THE LOYALIST: This type is committed, community-oriented, loyal, and cautious, and can struggle with anxiety and suspicion
7. THE ENTHUSIAST: This type is often spontaneous, fun-loving, busy, and enthusiastic. This type can struggle with feeling distracted and non-commital, and doesn't like feeling painful emotions
8.  THE CHALLENGER: This type is powerful, confident, and protective, and can struggle with being confrontational and dominant
9. THE PEACEMAKER: This type tends to be easygoing, agreeable, cooperative,  and "goes with the flow," and can also be self-effacing, people-pleasing, and complacent

How I Can Use It To Help You

I integrate wisdom from the enneagram with IFS (Parts Work) and Depth Hypnosis to help you understand the "parts" of your psyche and how they are structured.


I believe we are all multi-faceted and complex, and the Enneagram is a useful tool for understanding not only your main type but the perspective of each of your "parts." For example, you might have an adventurous Enneagram 7 part of you that competes for space with a risk-avoidant Enneagram 6 part of you.


Please note that I have not completed official training in the Enneagram, but I have self-studied the enneagram for 5 years and can accompany you on your journey, upon request. I do not "type" you, but I can help you use this tool as a method for self-understanding.

P.S., if you don't know your main type yet, that's okay! We can explore it together.

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