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About My Free Meditations

Did you know that I am a meditation teacher on a meditation app? Learn how to empower yourself in between sessions with meditations I've created.

During my first few years as a therapist, I worked at a mindfulness-based healing center in Thailand, where I sometimes led meditations. After returning from Thailand, I knew that I wanted to keep teaching meditation and saw how helpful it was for my clients. Also, I have always had a creative spark, and making meditations is a way that I can use my creative passion to make resources that are helpful for people around the world. At the time of this writing, my meditations have been played over 30,000 times!

Where to Find my Meditations

I am a meditation teacher on the meditation app Insight Timer and on Youtube. You can access the meditations on Youtube by clicking on the above link. You can access my meditations on Insight Timer by downloading the app first, and then searching my name, "Emma Donovan," or by clicking the links below. Please note that you will need to have downloaded the app first in order for the links to work if you're accessing them by phone!

The Benefits of Using These Meditations in Between Sessions

  • Meditating can empower you between sessions

  • It helps you gain more mindfulness, self-awareness, and clarity, which improves your life and can help you know what to focus on when you're in sessions with me

  • Meditation calms your mind and body and helps you feel restored and rejuvenated

  • You can connect with parts of you between sessions with the IFS-themed meditations

  • You can connect to your core self between sessions and make it a bigger part of your day-to-day experience

  • Increase self-love and self-compassion, so they become more automatic

List of IFS-Themed Meditations

Connecting to One Part of You: this meditation helps you connect deeply to one part of you. This is a good meditation to use if you'd like to connect to a part of yourself on your own. It will help you gain more insight and develop a relationship with a part of yourself

Deep Breathing With the Ocean: This meditation helps you mindfully unblend from parts of you while you visualize relaxing on the beach and breathing with the waves. This meditation can help you feel more calm and centered

Team Huddle Morning Meditation: This meditation is a quick morning meditation that can help you feel more balanced and intentional as you start your day

Fostering Loving-Kindness for Parts of Yourself: Inspired by the classic Buddhist "loving-kindness" meditation, this meditation helps you shine loving-kindness on 3 parts of you. This is a good choice if you'd like to make more space for self-love

Listening to Your Inner World: This meditation helps you connect to 3 parts of you that need your attention. It is good for a "check-in" with yourself

Sending Self-Love to a Hardworking Manager Part of You: This meditation helps you connect to one specific protector you have, and send love and appreciation towards it. It is a good meditation to do if you'd like to recognize the efforts of one of your parts

List of Other Meditations

Self Care Break: This meditation helps you learn to listen to your body so that you can take better care of yourself. This is a very important skill for burnout prevention, stress reduction, and general wellness!

The ABCs of Self-Compassion: This quick self-compassion practice is a good choice if you're experiencing a difficult emotion and want to self-soothe

Deep Belly Breathing for Relaxation: This meditation helps you calm your body and mind through deep breathing

Balancing Yin and Yang: This meditation brings harmony to the "doing" and "being" sides of your personality

Centering Reboot: This very brief 3-minute meditation helps you feel more conscious, connected, and calm. It is a good choice when you have a short amount of time, say at work, when you want to feel more centered

Quick Self-Love Practice: This meditation helps you visualize sending love to someone you love, receiving love from someone else, and then turning this same love towards yourself. It is a good choice if you find it easy to love others, but need help learning to love yourself.

If you have any questions about these meditations, whether they are right for you, and how they might help your process, please don't hesitate to ask.

See you in session!



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