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Psychotherapy or Holistic Health Sessions: Which Is a Better Fit For You?

I offer both psychotherapy and holistic health sessions, and you have the ability to choose which one you prefer. This blog post will help you decide between the two.

Therapy, coaching, mentorship, guidance, holistic healing.... what does it all mean?

What's in a Name?

There are many professionals in the world who use words like psychotherapist, counselor, therapist, coach, mentor, guide, holistic healer, energy healer, holistic health practitioner, hypnotist, etc. to describe themselves. With all of these terms used to describe fields that are similar in some ways but very different in others, it's easy to get confused!

The terms "psychotherapist," "counselor," "therapist," and "mental health therapist" are all used to describe people who have generally received a master's level (or higher) of education, who have completed several difficult board exams, completed 2+ years of supervised practice, and carry a license. They have received advanced training in both education about the human psyche and the change process, and experiential practice under the mentorship of supervisors. I am one of these people.

The terms "coach," "mentor," "guide," "holistic healer," "energy healer," and even "hypnotist" are not regulated terms. You could decide to call yourself a coach or a healer tomorrow and no governing body would stop you. There are still many people who use these terms who have received training, have undergone experiential practice, are sincere, and know their stuff. This just isn't guaranteed.

It is possible for psychotherapists to become coaches or healers without extra training, but it is not possible for coaches, healers, etcetera to begin calling themselves psychotherapists or professional counselors without the requisite education.

Therapists who operate as holistic healers, health practitioners, and coaches have a depth and breadth of background in understanding the human psyche and helping people that is unparalleled. I personally would prefer to work with a holistic healer who is also a therapist, even if I was seeking out holistic healing only from them, and not therapy. This is because of their depth of expertise and training.

But what is the difference between the two, you might wonder? That is the question this blog post will answer, as far as it pertains to my own practice.

The Difference Between Psychotherapy and Holistic Health Sessions

I offer both Psychotherapy and Holistic Health Sessions. Since both relationships are “helping relationships” and I use many of the same skills (Depth Hypnosis, Applied Shamanic Counseling, Nutritional Therapy, Buddhist Psychology, Somatic Psychology, etc.), there may be crossover. The difference exists in:

  • The type of help I offer in each container

  • The nature of your goals in working together

  • The scope of practice I am able and willing to operate under

Below, you will find descriptors and parameters that outline the nature of each relationship. Take a moment to reflect on why you need help, what you are most seeking help with, and what your goals are. 


Therapy is designed to manage, treat, and relieve diagnosable mental health issues.

  • You can seek out all the services I offer, including Depth Hypnosis, Shamanic Counseling, Psychedelic Integration, and Nutritional Therapy in the psychotherapy container

  • Therapy is for clinical, diagnosable issues, and generally involves diagnosis, assessment, and the creation of a treatment plan

  • Protected by HIPAA

  • Therapy can help you cope with symptoms, manage symptoms, and resolve symptoms

  • Therapy can take you from “not good,” “poor,” or “could be better” to a place of functioning

  • Housed under Alternative Therapy STL, LLC

  • I provide services under my LPC and LCPC licenses

  • Therapy is considered medical and mental health treatment

  • I can only serve clients who live and reside in the states of Missouri and Illinois

  • You have the option to use out-of-network benefits (if you have them) to cover some or all of your therapy costs

  • You can use an HSA or FSA to cover therapy, but a letter of medical necessity may be needed, depending on your plan

  • You may refer to me as “your therapist,” “your psychotherapist,” or “your counselor”

  • If we are doing therapy, I am your therapist

Holistic Health Sessions

These sessions are designed to help you grow on a personal, spiritual, and professional level.

  • You can seek out all the services I offer, including Depth Hypnosis, Shamanic Counseling, Psychedelic Integration, and Nutritional Therapy in the Holistic Health container

  • Presenting problems are addressed and goals are set, but diagnosis, assessment, and treatment planning do not take place

  • Not technically protected by HIPAA as a rule, however, personal privacy protections are still paramount to me

  • Holistic Health Sessions can help you identify and resolve personal patterns that show up in your spirit, mind, emotions, and body. It is good for those who can already cope with and sit with their emotions and patterns, and is not designed to help you learn how to cope with extreme emotions or symptoms or intervene in a crisis

  • Holistic Health Sessions can take you from “okay” or “good” to “great”

  • I can serve you wherever in the world you live with Holistic Health Sessions

  • Housed under a different business, not Alternative Therapy STL

  • I do not provide these services under my LPC and LCPC licenses

  • These sessions are not considered medical treatment

  • You cannot use health insurance to cover these sessions

  • You would likely require a "letter of medical necessity" for an HSA or FSA to cover these sessions (check your agreement to see if the individual services you're interested in: hypnosis, nutrition, etc. are covered)

  • You may refer to me as “your holistic healer,” "your holistic health practitioner," “your Depth Hypnosis Practitioner,” “your Applied Shamanic Counselor,” “your Nutritional Therapy Practitioner” or “your Spiritual Counselor”

  • I am not your therapist

  • You may still pursue Holistic Health Sessions if you have mental health issues, as long as you fully understand that they is not designed to diagnose or treat these issues

  • If you present with issues that are outside the scope of Holistic Health Sessions, I may refer you to a therapist or counselor in lieu of or in addition to sessions with me

Hopefully this blog post has helped you more fully understand the similarities and differences between these two containers. If you're certain about which container you prefer, let me know in your booking form! If you're unsure, we can talk about it during your consult.


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