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On Depth & Solutions, Head & Heart, Trusting & Transforming

There are hundreds of methods of therapy out there. As a new therapist who was looking for a method to call my own, I was struck by the piecemeal nature of so many of the therapies I found.

Some focused on solutions, while others focused on depth-oriented work. Some methods focused on thoughts, while others placed their focus on emotions. Some focused exclusively on the body, while others focused on the stories we tell ourselves. Some focused on meticulously parsing things out for a complete understanding, while others wanted to solve the problem with efficiency. Some focused on childhood, while others focused on the future. Some focused on pathology, while others on what makes people happy. Some focused on relationships with other people, while others focused only internally. Hardly any of them included the spirit.

I was at a loss. Sure, the psychotherapy field is quite young. But isn't it time we create a paradigm that allows space for all of this to exist simultaneously?

So I began my search. I wanted to practice in a way that honors head and heart, that doesn't sacrifice solutions for depth, that doesn't sacrifice depth for solutions, and that honors body, mind, and spirit.

I first found solace in Internal Family Systems. Wanting to round out my training with a somatic approach, I then became a TRE (trauma/tension releasing exercise) provider. I didn't stop there. Onto Depth Hypnosis, Applied Shamanism, Psychedelic Integration, and Nutritional Therapy I went. I kept searching for a way to meet my clients - all that they are - where they are.

The more I learned, the more I realized that there is to learn. This is why I am currently studying in a MS in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine program. Understanding the individual from a systems biology perspective is my next right step.

At the very same time, I feel quite comfortable with the holistic lenses I have been able to gain so far. At this point in my journey, I am happy to say that I now practice in a way that includes everything I once wanted.

I help my clients plumb the depths so they can reach deeper heights. I constantly keep an eye on solutions and outcomes, while also allowing my clients the time they need to bloom. My sessions are both powerful and sentimental. They engage the head and the heart. The spirit is as involved as the emotional body. The physical body is cared for through the holistic work I do. I always aim to hold the delicate balance of trusting the process while driving towards transformation. And in the midst of everything, I always have the client's highest good in mind.

This has made all the difference.


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